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Ford F-150 Lightning vs. Rivian R1T Comparison

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A member of a Rivian facebook group I'm a part of shared his comparison of his R1T versus a Lightning he was loaned for work.

Rivian comparison
•I got my R1T about three weeks ago, and just today I got to borrow a standard range Lightning for work (we received three over the last 10 days). I’ve put 1500 miles on my R1 and drove the Lightning ~150 miles from Chattanooga to Nashville.
•Lightning is a tad larger overall, but I prefer the Rivian’s size. The Rivian is still quite a bit bigger than a Tacoma or Frontier.
•Rivian is faster in acceleration hands down, the Lightning’s traction control isn’t nearly as responsive as Rivian and I noticed a fair amount of tire slip on the Lightning.
•That said, the Lightning will absolutely smoke any *stock internal combustion pickup out there. It’s disturbingly fast for such a large vehicle. But, somehow the Rivian is faster

•The Rivian gets way more looks… the Lightning is different, but still blends in
•Fit finish: the Lightning will feel identical to a regular F150 (I’m driving an XLT). The Rivian definitely feels more sophisticated.
•Range estimates for both are great and pretty darn close to real life. I’ve heard horror stories about Tesla’s range estimates. Somehow, Ford and Rivian figured this out before Tesla

•Fast Charging: Rivian takes the cake at ~210 kW peak. I got the maximum of 120 kW on the Lightning (note: ER goes up to 150 kW)
•*Efficiency: I averaged 2.1 mi/kWh in the Lightning (~100F temps, 75 mph, a few Tennessee hills), and the Rivian is probably around 1.9-2.0 but I didn’t drive the same route/time obviously (I’ve seen as high as 2.3 at 70F temps though). That said, the Rivian has the larger 34” all terrain tires, which definitely reduce efficiency.

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Last picture says it all. Id not be caught dead in a toy truck like the Rivian.
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