Motor Trend put a Lightning Platinum through a towing test with a camper they say "nearly maxed out its 8,500-pound towing capacity".

Their results show that the Lightning struggled to get over 100 miles with different trailers.

The Results: How Far Can A Ford F-150 Lightning Tow?
Before we answer the big question, let's set the baseline. While the EPA says the F-150 Lightning Platinum is good for 300 miles, that number is based on a mix of city and highway driving. With only a driver aboard and no trailer in tow, the Platinum achieved a MotorTrend Road-Trip Range of 255 miles.

We had been warned to expect the range to be cut in half when towing, but the effect of towing these travel trailers proved even more significant. With the smallest and lightest trailer, we measured a range of just 115 miles. That figure fell to 100 miles with the middleweight camper and sank to a mere 90 miles with the 7,218-pound Grand Design trailer.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum Towing Test
Forest River
R Pod RP-153
Coachmen Freedom Express 246RKSGrand Design Imagine 2910BH
TRAILER WEIGHT3,140 lb5,260 lb7,218 lb
LENGTH17 ft28 ft 2 in33 ft 11 in
APPROXIMATE FRONTAL AREA77 sq ft88 sq ft89 sq ft
MT ROAD-TRIP RANGE115 mi100 mi90 mi

The tightly clustered results reveal that aerodynamics have a bigger impact on towing range than weight. Using the width and height of the trailers to calculate a crude approximation of frontal area, the larger two trailers more than double the area plowing through the air compared to an unladen F-150. If you're towing something smaller and sleeker, such as a boat, an open car hauler, or a utility trailer, you'll likely be able to push farther than we did on a single charge.

We should also note that the XLT and Lariat models are more efficient than the Platinum, stretching the same battery pack to an EPA-rated range of 320 miles. Cherry-picking the right trim and options could buy you a few more towing miles.