When it comes to charging your F-150 Lighting electric pickup at home, in addition to the standard 32-amp Ford Mobile Charger that comes with every Lighting, you can get the 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro to achieve full charge in just 8 hours..

How are you planning to charge your Lighting at home?

Here are the charge times and more details that Ford provided:

F-150 Lightning Pro comes with a variety of standard and optional smart charging hardware accessories, while multiple available software technologies effortlessly manage charging data and charge transactions for turnkey fleet operation. This includes mapping, driver status and location, and fleet expenses.

Charging hardware starts with the 32-amp Ford Mobile Charger, a 120/240-volt AC charger that’s included with the standard-range F-150 Lightning Pro. An optional higher-capacity 48-amp Ford Connected Charge Station runs on 240 volts while the available 240-volt, 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro further speeds up charge times for maximum AC home and fleet charging.

Ford is the only automaker to offer an 80-amp charge station as standard equipment with the extended-range truck, helping customers easily charge at home. It takes advantage of the only dual onboard charging system in the industry to cut the 15% to 100% charge time to around eight hours for the targeted EPA-estimated 300-mile-range† battery for reliable AC overnight charging that can dramatically reduce charging infrastructure investments and battery wear.

When rapid charging is needed on the road, customers can leverage the Ford Charging Network’s 150-kilowatt Level 3 DC fast charging locations that can deliver a 15% to 80% charge in less than 45 minutes§§ – about the time for a typical lunch break.

Estimated charge times
15% to 100% at 240 volts
Standard-range battery with targeted 230 milesExtended-range battery with targeted 300 miles
32-amp Ford Mobile Charger14 hours19 hours
48-amp Ford Connected Charge Station10 hours13 hours
80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro10 hours8 hours
150-kilowatt DC Fast Charging (15% to 80%)44 minutes41 minutes

With the Ford EV Telematics dashboard active, vehicle data is shared seamlessly over the cloud so fleet managers can track vehicle health, status and range, log and pay for public charging events centrally, reimburse employees for home charging, remotely pre-condition the cabin while plugged in, and generate alerts and reports for depot and operational efficiency.