A Ford salesperson recently confirmed that the F-150 Lighting order bank is scheduled to open on October 26.

"Good afternoon <reservation holder>, this is <salesperson> with <dealership>. I just found out that the F-150 Lightning order bank is scheduled to open on 10/26. At that point we will be able to convert reservations to orders an actually build out your truck. I'm looking forward to it. While reservations are time stamped, when we submit the order still matters. Feel free to call me with any questions at <phone number>. I will reach out when we get a little closer to see about scheduling an appointment to get together and build your truck. Have a great day."

Around this time the configurator is expected to go live on Fords site, allowing you to build & price your own F-150 Lighting. At the moment pricing, trim configurations and specs are unclear. All you can do currently is reserve an F-150 build slot to be converted into an order later on.