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Ford BlueCruise needs fine tuning

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First highway experience with BlueCruise works pretty well when cruising at normal speed however it's horrible in traffic. Unlike my wife's Ioniq that is very smooth when it's slows down or moves again, the stop and go with the Lightning is rough and very jerky, I turned off the BlueCruise so will not get a pain in the neck.
It's also stop very short and hard when it gets to a slow down traffic , again I am campering to the Ioniq that recognize the slow traffic ahead of time and slows down gently.
Anyone else feels the same?
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How were you able to turn it off? Seems like it is automatic and you can only turn off the type of cruise control. I've even turned of land keep on the steering wheel and BC still comes on.

I agree that it does not slow down gently when I see stopped vehicles in the distance. I've gotten use to that with the Mach E prior to the Lightning, so I just manage that myself. Once in traffic though, it is fine to me.
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