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Ford BlueCruise needs fine tuning

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First highway experience with BlueCruise works pretty well when cruising at normal speed however it's horrible in traffic. Unlike my wife's Ioniq that is very smooth when it's slows down or moves again, the stop and go with the Lightning is rough and very jerky, I turned off the BlueCruise so will not get a pain in the neck.
It's also stop very short and hard when it gets to a slow down traffic , again I am campering to the Ioniq that recognize the slow traffic ahead of time and slows down gently.
Anyone else feels the same?
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I meant that I have turned off the cruise control. In slow moving traffic, unlike the the Ioniq I rother have the control . I didnt feel comfortable with it on.
I believe it has to do with the power difference between the Lightning and the Ioniq.
With the Ford, when the car ahead moves some what faster the Lightning will follow with excessive acceleration, and as a result when the traffic ahead slows down it will aply hard breaking. So in a stop and go it's becomes unpleasant ride.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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