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Ford 3.5 Powerboost Hybrid

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I did a build and price on the F150 platinum loaded with the 3.5 powerboost hybrid. EPA 27 mpg. That's a gas truck with a 41 hp electric motor and 1.5 kw battery (compared to 99 kw on lightning SR) total horsepower is 430 /570 torque.
This truck is $81,465 build & price.

Clearly a different truck than lighting but I think it's an often overlooked option. Especially for those long haulers, road trippers.

Question I didn't really find in articles is about the electric powertrain.
This is a plug in to charge correct, no?
What happens when the battery is expended less mpg and less hp?
Can short trips be run on electric only? Maybe not with such a small electric motor?

I think this powertrain is the future of ice vehicles. And it's only a $2500 upcharge where you're also getting more hp and a portable generator.
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just a regular hybrid and you will never get 27mpg on it - okay maybe 'never' is an overstatement...under very specific parameters you might be able to - maybe 75F, tail wind, AC off, 60mph, cruise on, no rain & all season tires.

but I agree, if one is doing road trips, towing long distances, etc - it's a great option to consider. Under heavy load though, any fuel benefits of the hybrid are wiped out - at least based on a few Youtube reviews.
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Thanks good website, it shows significantly lower mpg than stated by mfg and epa.
So 2 to 3 mpg improvement over 3.5 without elecric. Or about same mpg as the 2.7 motor. But the electric assist 3.5 does boast the highest horsepower.
A 2.7 with electric assist and bigger battery could do very well. The trend with electric seems to be high horsepower. If we were targeting just efficiency and made a 200 hp truck excellent economy could be had, but who actually wants that?
I’ve always wondered why Ford didn’t bother to add a hybrid to the 2.7
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