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Fold down seats

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Do the back seats fold down in the lightening ? I saw another EV truck where the back seats fold down and you could put a paddle board in the bed because of the seats folding down. Thanks.
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With a 5-1/2' bed, you can get a tailgate pad to place the board in the bed angled upwards and strap it in place. That will work for most boards. Some extra-long downwind or race boards may be too long to balance well that way. You can also add a bed-extender.

Alternatively you can carry the board on the roof.
Yea thanks. Day to day transport is fine. Objective is to keep it out of sight for longer range travel and not worry about theft.
Most SUPs are over 10’. I don’t now of any pickup with a bed over 10’ much less a BEV pickup.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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