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First one on E-bay

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Just saw what appears to be the first delivered F-150 customer listing. Starting at $93,450. It appears to have originally had a buy it now price of $155,000, based on the search results list, but then when you go into the listing, the option isn't there, so he/she must have removed it.

If it's anything like the Rivian's first sales, that person is likely to benefit pretty significantly. All the prior talk of dealers adding a no-resale for 1 year clause appears to have been just that, "talk".

Will be interesting to see what it gets bid up to.
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@fyrdude is this the one? The reserve doesn't quite match what you said, but maybe they're making adjustments since I'm searching from Canada.
Didn't know if I should post someone else's listing, but I see others are posting them, so here's the link I'm referring to.....
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Oh, duh, yes, same one. For whatever reason, I was thinking it was white, so when I saw the listing you posted, thought it was a different one. As I noted, it originally had a reserve price, but, at least in the US, it was removed from the listing almost immediately. I only noticed it because it showed in the results list, but didn't show once I opened the listing.
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Looks like the first one actually sold on E-bay for $112,000. Seems a bit low, especially for the first one, considering seeing all the dealer offerings in the $140K range for ones they have on their lot. See another one was listed for $95,000 with bids up to around $98,000. Was a "reserve not met" the last time I looked. It's no longer there and didn't show up as "sold", so appears it didn't meet the seller's reserve price. A few others have Buy It Now prices in the $120,000's and nobody's biting. Considering the first Rivian's brought well over $135,000, thought the first Lightnings would be in that ballpark. I guess for all those thinking they're going to make a big profit on them, better think twice Rivian's are down to the $110,000 range. Economy is getting worse. Plus the Ford, as great as it is, will be dated in a couple years when they release the ground up EV truck that's already been announced. Rivian pricing declined 20% (on the resale market) in about a month. If the Ford does the same, will be right at $90,000, just barely covering out the door costs after buyers pay taxes, license, reg, etc.

As posted in another thread, I hope all manufacturers get off the Tesla train and quit with this 2 year pre-order crap. Sell what you have to sell, not something that doesn't exist yet and won't for 2 years!
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Two more apparently sold on E-bay and one one on Cars & Bids. There was a sale at $107,700 yesterday on E-bay, but it's gone now, so apparently didn't go through. Another one popped up today that had just ONE bid at $99,999. The cars and bids truck sold at just a hair over $100,000. Surprised the demand isn't higher considering it's at least a two year wait time to get one if you don't have an order in already. If that's all the first three public sales could bring, would assume within a month, they'll be down to around $90,000, which will be about the same as the out the door cost for most buyers that have to pay sales tax. Ford adding the no sale in one year clause would be pointless. It's clearly not a vehicle that people are going to purchase solely for profit as the market simply isn't willing to pay $100,000 for a Ford Truck. Especially one that's already been announced to be antiquated in a couple of years when the all new, from the ground-up EV truck will be released. Hummers and Rivian's are still going strong.
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