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First EV, First New Ford purchase, Haven't owned a truck since 2001

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I haven't owned a truck in forever. I've always stumbled along with a larger SUV. I'm now a home-owner and we are looking into getting RV camping so I need something that can tow a decent amount!

Sick of gas. Tesla has proven that EV's are possible I'm just not the biggest fan of Elon Musk as I'm pro-union.

Ready to throw my wallet in the ring to push forward EVs as I think this is something that probably should have happened a long time ago.

I'm a huge fan of nuclear power and would really like to see us go back that way again and start pumping money into R&D as it's more environment friendly than how we are using oil products.

I fancy myself really friendly but don't mind a good heated debate! Disagreeing doesn't mean people can't be friends.

I should also point out that we are looking at either a Mach-E or a Kia EV6 so that we are a 100% electric house. I have a Bronco on order but I may just buy it and resell it for what it cost me to get a Bronco into someone's hands that really wants one without being price gouged.

Nice to meet yall!
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