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First EV, First New Ford purchase, Haven't owned a truck since 2001

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I haven't owned a truck in forever. I've always stumbled along with a larger SUV. I'm now a home-owner and we are looking into getting RV camping so I need something that can tow a decent amount!

Sick of gas. Tesla has proven that EV's are possible I'm just not the biggest fan of Elon Musk as I'm pro-union.

Ready to throw my wallet in the ring to push forward EVs as I think this is something that probably should have happened a long time ago.

I'm a huge fan of nuclear power and would really like to see us go back that way again and start pumping money into R&D as it's more environment friendly than how we are using oil products.

I fancy myself really friendly but don't mind a good heated debate! Disagreeing doesn't mean people can't be friends.

I should also point out that we are looking at either a Mach-E or a Kia EV6 so that we are a 100% electric house. I have a Bronco on order but I may just buy it and resell it for what it cost me to get a Bronco into someone's hands that really wants one without being price gouged.

Nice to meet yall!
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Folks forget that Bush tried to put together a bipartison comprehensive energy policy plan in the 2000's and nuclear power was a key component since it does not raise CO2 levels. That was good policy then, and good policy now. One needs to only look at the pickle Germany is in to understand.
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