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Finished CSP install, was quick and easy.

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I opted for the quick and easy install, right next to the breaker box. The 25 foot cord reaches everywhere I need it to.
The longest part of the install was the 20 times I had to try to get the CSP app to link up. IMHO not worth anything.
Hopefully Ford has some serious upgrades and plans for this app.
Yes, already wired for generator too!
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What wiring did you buy to connect it to your breaker? Looks like you only have a 200AMP panel so what size circuit are you using?
I should have clarified, I had a licensed electrician do this install. He used #3 THHN wire, the circuit breaker is 80 amp.
I had the truck down to 8% and it took just short of 11 hours to fully charge.
How did you get the CSP app to link up? I helped install one for my dad today and couldn't get the app to see the station.
It was not very easy. I just kept following the instructions on the "Ford CSP" app. All of the upgrades appear on your Ford Pass app. After set up you don't really use the "Ford CSP' app. At least I do not have anything useful on mine. Is this everyone else's experience?
Did your CSP come with the truck or shipped separately? If the latter how long was the wait?
The charger was shipped after delivery of the truck. I took delivery of the truck on June16th and the charger arrived June 29th. 13 days later. They sent tracking on the order so I knew when I could set the electrician up for install. I got it done the next day. June 30th.
What size circuit breaker did you hard wire the CSP into?
80 amp, at this point.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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