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Fast DC Charging

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Have had my 2023 Lightning for 2 weeks now and keep running into the same issue at DC Fast Charge Stations (Max 350kw)

Have used three different ones and every time I only get a max of 40kw. I was thinking temperature could be a factor and once it was -36C when i charged, and today it was +9C still with the same result.

Is there a charge setting in the truck that needs to be adjusted or any other advice that can be passed along?
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Thanks @R.I.P. for the response. Maybe it is the cold. Just to provide some more information, I had just completed a 1 hour trip.

I’m pretty new to this EV stuff but I would have thought if it was a cold issue, wouldn’t it go pretty quickly to the low charge rate? I wouldn’t have thought it would draw130 kW for 5 minutes before dropping charge rate?
Also I tested and if I stop charging and then restart charging it will go back up to 130kW. Again after 5 minutes charge rate drops.
The charge curve on the Lightning hits the battery with a few minutes of high power before ramping down. A drop after the first few minutes of charging is normal.
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