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Fast DC Charging

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Have had my 2023 Lightning for 2 weeks now and keep running into the same issue at DC Fast Charge Stations (Max 350kw)

Have used three different ones and every time I only get a max of 40kw. I was thinking temperature could be a factor and once it was -36C when i charged, and today it was +9C still with the same result.

Is there a charge setting in the truck that needs to be adjusted or any other advice that can be passed along?
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Are you exclusively DCFC charging or what is your charging regime (AC vs DC ). -32C or -25F is seriously 😳 cold and any EV will have problems accepting a charge even with DCFC preconditioning. It sounds like you battery is cold gating, as mentioned in other posts. If traveling try to start with a warm battery and if you DCFC every 2-3 hours, the battery will stay warm. It’s amazing how Ford press shots showed Lightnings in cold snowy weather, but truthfully they are ill equipped to handle it. No DCFC preconditioning or use of heat pumps.
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