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Fast DC Charging

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Have had my 2023 Lightning for 2 weeks now and keep running into the same issue at DC Fast Charge Stations (Max 350kw)

Have used three different ones and every time I only get a max of 40kw. I was thinking temperature could be a factor and once it was -36C when i charged, and today it was +9C still with the same result.

Is there a charge setting in the truck that needs to be adjusted or any other advice that can be passed along?
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What state of charge are you arriving with? Do any of the dispensers you've used show how much power the truck is requesting? That information is a recent addition to (some) Electrify America screens. Perhaps you're able to see the same information in the frozen north?

Generally, the higher the state of charge, the lower the sustained rate of charge from fast charging. That initial high boost rate is an observation made by several reviewers. It will open high and drop back to a sustainable level. Plus, cold is a mighty foe of charging rate. More about the charging curve::
1 - 1 of 16 Posts