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factory tours?

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Has anyone heard anything about tours of the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center where the Lightning is being produced? I know they do tours of the ICE plant but I can find nothing online pointing to the Lightning plant. We're going to be in Michigan later this summer and it would be great to see it.
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I'm going there for the Automate Conference on June 6th, I'll report back here on what I find. I can't wait to see the Rouge plant. My build date is 6-13 too so how cool that I will be in Detroit the same day my truck starts production,, maybe ;)
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Drive it home perhaps? ;)
Cut out the dealer 100%, Blasphemey.
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Just did the ICE tour. Specifically this tour: Ford Rouge Factory Tour | The Henry Ford
It was awesome, but no trace of the lightning in anything that I saw except for the showroom by the studio where you watch the tour pre-show
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I asked a few tour guides about where it was made and they seemed clueless :( I did see a few trucks staged in various parking lots on the bus ride to the ICE plant. I suppose it's possible that they run Lightnings through the factory for a day or so, then just switch back to ICE. I can't imagine another plant on the site capable of building the supercrew cab. And we saw a vast variety of cabs going through the plant all mixed together. It's certainly possible that lightning cabs could be made in the plant that the public tours (the one with the green roof). They don't allow photography of any kind of UAW workers so that may explain why we haven't seen any pics.


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Lightnings are assembled in another building in Dearborn, the REV-C: the Rouge Electric Vehicle-Center.
Ahhh, yes, according to the picture on the website it's this building: 42°18'31.3"N 83°09'42.4"W · 3001 Miller Rd, Dearborn, MI 48120

Why the heck they couldn't put a green roof on the building that makes the greenest product is bizarre :(
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