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Anyone understand Ford's price points?

Having a little background in marketing, I understand that in order to be competitive, pricing and superior performance are important and it seems F150 Lightning is priced on a premium when performance is sub-par with the competition.

I've tried a "build" with Lariat, a dual motor, and it's coming out to be $70,000 and change. Seems to be a deal breaker with Cybertruck equivalent is a tri-motor, certainly a step up.

Ford F-150 Lightning
  • Lightning Pro Dual Motor AWD Work Truck: $39,974 (426-hp; 230-mile range)
  • Lightning Pro Dual Motor AWD Work Truck: $49,974 (563-hp; 300-mile range)
  • XLT Dual Motor AWD XLT: $52,974 ($6,700 premium over a gas XLT 4×4)
  • Lariat Dual Motor AWD: Est. $58,630 (using a $6,700 premium over Lariat 4×4)
  • Platinum Dual Motor AWD: Est. $69,500 (using a $6,700 premium over Platinum 4×4)
  • Top Trim: $90,474 (based on top price given by Ford)
Tesla Cybertruck
  • Single Motor: $39,900
  • Dual Motor AWD: $49,900
  • Tri-Motor AWD: $69,900
the CyberTruck prices are vapourware, you can't assume it as being true at all vs a real product that is ready to be manufactured...also the Single motor truck is likely out all together.
And then you can do some basic comparison with other Teslas to confirm the BS pricing...

Mode Y Long Range - $60,990
Model Y Performance - $63,990

Model X Dual Motor: $110,490
Model X Tri-Motor: $131,990

there you go...the CT will fall somewhere in between or closer to the Model X in price - Elon has already dropped a tidbit on 'price concerns' for the CT.

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I'm repeating myself here. My daughter's experience with her Tesla X was that she got the price set on the date she reserved the unit although when it was finally delivered 6 months later, it was already listed at a price $20,000 more.
You are out to lunch on this one - the X had an actual listed price…

I have a reservation for the CyberTruck and it states this in small letters: *pre-order price is an estimate and will be confirmed when you put in the actual order. Price is subject to change.
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