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F150 Lightning Truck Camper

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Looking at unique electrical bed connections in Lightning, it looks like it would need to configure a customized truck camper.

Thought Lance will be ahead of this but it seems all they have is their regular 650 model that fits the gas F150.

Anyone get any other information or planning to put up a truck camper in their Lightning?
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I would like to. The Lance 650 really needs an “e” version where they shave off a couple hundred pounds off the weight, and strip all propane hardware. It should have electric cool + heat, and an induction cooktop. I’m also hoping that the tailgate can stay on.
It can power a house, so those appliances and a/c can be fed supposedly from the F150 unit itself.
I was considering a Project M truck camper shell build.
And with all the off-road accessories? lol:love:
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That's really surprising!
For the record, the Lightning manual does not advise the use of "truck campers" with this vehicle. Though I'm sure a collapsible model that has a very small aerodynamic footprint like the Project M wouldn't affect anything other than a smaller ding on the range.
You are right, the F150 Lightning manual don't "recommend" slide in camper.

But next paragraph said, it there will be slide-in camper documents enclosed.

And then it has the same recommendations for F150 ICE. Yet I see F150s with their truck campers and Lance has a match for that truck with their 650 series.
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