We’ve been looking through the data from our Ford F-150 Lightning Reservation Tracking List, curious to see what trim level and paint choices are proving popular, but also fascinated to see what vehicles you’ll be trading in, and a couple of interesting trends really jumped out.

Of the 450+ members awaiting their Lightning:
  • 25% are replacing a ICE-powered F-150
  • 40% have owned an EV in the past
  • 11% are replacing a Tesla
  • One member is replacing a 1972 Ford F100

That first point, that roughly one in four orders here are coming from existing F-150 owners is really interesting. On one hand, it suggests Ford can expect success in transitioning its existing customers to an electric future, but it could also lead to concerns that the Lightning is cannibalizing Ford’s truck sales.

GM and Ram trade-ins appear to be rare, suggesting that for now, brand loyalty for trucks remains, regardless of what’s providing the power.

There is one non-Ford truck that shows up more often than we expected. The most conquested competitor’s truck turns out to be the Toyota Tacoma, with nearly 5% of respondents saying they’ll be trading one in against their Lightning. That's interesting because Tacoma buyers are famously loyal (even among truck buyers), and because the Lightning plays in such a different category.

But the trade-ins we think Ford will be most likely to brag about are the Teslas, and there are a lot. More than 11% of respondents report that their new Lightning will be replacing a Tesla.

As for the trucks themselves, blue is definitely proving the most popular paint option, with 1/3rd of respondents choosing one of the three blue options and Antimatter Blue proving the single most popular hue.

If you’ve placed an order for an F-150 Lightning but haven’t added your voice to the Reservation Tracker, please do, we want to hear from everyone. And remember, you can look through the results here anytime. What trends or surprises jump out to you?