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F-150 Lightning Platinum Range

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My platinum lightning is only getting an estimated range of 240 miles. I have had my truck for about 6 weeks with just under 3,000 miles. 90% of my driving is on the interstate and I was wondering if anyone else was seeing this type of range.

I contacted ford customer service and they say that the truck is learning and the estimates are pretty conservative. Since they market that the platinum with a range of 300 it seemed strange that I am seeing a 20% reduction.

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Gotta keep hammering, long commute.

I was just looking to see if everything was normal and it sounds like it is. Thanks for the help.
Reads like you are going up elevation.
Very disappointing that Ford advertises 300+ miles on the extended battery. I’m still getting maybe 200 miles on a full charge. Disappointment disappointment disappointment. Really curious what other people are seeing. My wife has an Audi EV and she’s getting pretty much the advertise mileage. Not sure where Ford’s coming up with these numbers but someone needs to take a series look at it.
They've taken a serious look and gotten the estimated range. Also Ford is advertising the EPA's estimated range. It isn't Ford's range. People are getting what is advertised. Official Ford F-150 Lightning EPA Range And Efficiency...
267 miles on highway.

In my old Ford F150 not much difference in mileage per gallon at 70 versus 79.
There is no way you are going to convince anyone that in a pickup truck your range doesn't change based on your driving habit. Math and physics are against your statement, especially since you said "not much". Not much could be said about your 200 vs 267.

And load of people can drive a different speed :p It is also why I got the Lariat because I wanted the extra mileage for long drives.
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I drove 80 miles, one way, doing ~70 mph and got 2.2 going up and 2.1 coming back. Which comes out to 275-288 estimated range which is the EPA highway estimate for the Lariat ER. So Ford put it on the mark.
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