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F-150 Lightning Platinum Range

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My platinum lightning is only getting an estimated range of 240 miles. I have had my truck for about 6 weeks with just under 3,000 miles. 90% of my driving is on the interstate and I was wondering if anyone else was seeing this type of range.

I contacted ford customer service and they say that the truck is learning and the estimates are pretty conservative. Since they market that the platinum with a range of 300 it seemed strange that I am seeing a 20% reduction.

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2 questions, one dumb, and one hopefully smarter:

1. SR or ER battery?
2. How many miles/kwh are you getting? How are you driving it? If highway, what speed?
Roughly 1.8 m/kwh - 65-79 mph.
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So, if 1.8 m/kwh * 131 kwh usable battery pack = 235.5 miles

Note, the EPA highway range for platinum is 267 miles. Try keeping it to 70 and under if it is a big deal. If not, just keep hammering it; this is exactly as expected.
Gotta keep hammering, long commute.

I was just looking to see if everything was normal and it sounds like it is. Thanks for the help.
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