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F-150 Lightning Platinum Range

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My platinum lightning is only getting an estimated range of 240 miles. I have had my truck for about 6 weeks with just under 3,000 miles. 90% of my driving is on the interstate and I was wondering if anyone else was seeing this type of range.

I contacted ford customer service and they say that the truck is learning and the estimates are pretty conservative. Since they market that the platinum with a range of 300 it seemed strange that I am seeing a 20% reduction.

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I have driven about 1200 miles so far. All highway miles between 75 and 79 mph. Thanks for your response.
Yikes, this might be it... I noticed on my drive home (~250 miles) that as soon as you hit ~75, the range decreases drastically. I suspect the fact that the F150 is fairly brick-shaped makes the aerodynamics pretty punishing at those speeds.
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Speed will kill range, same happens in a regular gas car…

the EPA tests are performed at like 55mph?!
Oh yes, I just think it is way less noticeable in a gas-car, since folks tend to have way less range anxiety with them, and there isn't a giant 'range counter' with a 45 minute penalty attached on the dashboard :D

That said, the F150 is PARTICULARLY punished due to its shape. My wife's NiroEV barely cares about the difference between 55 and 75, the F150 REALLY cares.
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