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F-150 Lightning Platinum Range

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My platinum lightning is only getting an estimated range of 240 miles. I have had my truck for about 6 weeks with just under 3,000 miles. 90% of my driving is on the interstate and I was wondering if anyone else was seeing this type of range.

I contacted ford customer service and they say that the truck is learning and the estimates are pretty conservative. Since they market that the platinum with a range of 300 it seemed strange that I am seeing a 20% reduction.

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Roughly 1.8 m/kwh - 65-79 mph.
That's about as normal as normal gets from the people who post here.

You got to slow down, drive less, or charge more. I can't slow down. I don't have a lot of reasons to need to go very far. So, I guess when I get it, I'll drive less and charge more to make up for the range killer highway driving.
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Seeing the same results. Averaging around 200 miles per charge 1.5 mile per KWH. My target charge level telling me 206 miles at 100%. What’s wrong?
How many miles have you driven the truck? How fast are you driving? ;)

1.5 mi/kWh *131 kWh advertised useable battery capacity = 196.5 miles
I have driven about 1200 miles so far. All highway miles between 75 and 79 mph. Thanks for your response.
Unfortunately, my Post #6 above applies. If you get back to Level 2 charging and have the dwell time after each drive, "Charge More" is probably the answer. Road trips, same answer, but more incentive to slow down to the 68 mph sweet spot a cross-country poster here experienced.
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In my old Ford F150 not much difference in mileage per gallon at 70 versus 79.
OK, there's no question that you are using more energy.
Who drive 68 miles an hour?
I don't. I was merely relating the observations of a poster who drove across the United States who found his optimal range/charge time balance was 68 mph.

I also don't worry about how much range I start out with if I am not going to drive anywhere near the range displayed. Are you driving more than 200 miles each day?
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