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So I’m going to do my best to share what I know and find as I do more homework and we get more information about the for backup battery system. At this point though there are a lot of conclusions I can already draw. If you live in California idk what to tell you folks cause your state is weird.

I see some of you guys talking about upgrading services and pulling new wire to the house and having to pay for it. This is new to me, in ct I’ve never seen fees for service upgrades from the power company. I just put a brand new one on my house and it didn’t cost me a dime as far as the PoCo is concerned. Only if I wanted or needed a extra poll or something.

First thing on the list, “can I use my dryer plug?”
- short answer NO
- long answer, sure but should you? As you can see from the photos, any outlet/receptacle that servers a charge, portable or not, is supposed to be dedicated for that purpose. What does that mean, basically these plugs are not meant to be swapped constantly and will fail. If they do and burn down your house, you could wind up with an insurance company rejecting your claim. No lie. I’ve seen it happened for flood damage, gross negligence. So that’s a decision for you to make.

Load calculations. I attached a sample load calc from one of my text books. That’s 160 amps, there is baseboard, but only about 14 amps of it. That’s a whole house of electric appliances, 2017 nec. I don’t know if they are going to change rules or something, maybe allow load shedding or locking out of equipment. 80 amps will probably be fine in the middle of the night but not at dinner time in the summer. Making everyone switch to a 400 amp service would be pretty crazy. Then again I suppose most of us don’t need 80 amp charging. Let’s see where that goes.

I also included a picture of a generator transfer switch. Switches from the utility to a generator. Something will be needed to stop the power from going back to the street. There’s also going to be issues with the load vs the rating of the bus bar in your panel. More info is going to be needed.

that’s a picture of 2-2-2 wire which is a 100amp service in aluminum. A branch circuit will require 1-1-1 ser which is bigger. You can use #3 copper but damn, expensive.

there is also going to be an ugly disconnect needed somewhere. I’m not sure how far away though. 60 amps and above. It says accessible not line of sight, that’s a plus.

ill update as I learn more


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