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Engadget: Ford to use new battery tech in F-150 lightnings in early 2024.

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What other major improvements do you expect will come along in subsequent model years that early always might miss out on. This improved battery technology seems like a painful pill to swallow of being an early adopter.

"Ford is refining its plans to expand EV production, and it will partly lean on new battery materials to achieve those goals. The automaker now expects to hit a global production rate of 600,000 EVs per year by late 2023 thanks in part to lithium iron phosphate battery packs in some of its vehicles, starting with Mustang Mach-Es sold in North America (in 2023) and F-150 Lightnings (in early 2024). The chemistry will expand Ford's capacity, allow for "many years" of use with little range loss, cut manufacturing costs and reduce the dependence on shortage-prone materials like nickel."
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You don’t want the lithium iron phosphate batteries. They are cheaper to manufacture but have less energy density aka range. Not having them is a benefit, as opposed to ‘missing out’.

I do expect features to be developed which make me feel jealous, but this isn’t one of them.
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Well, actually I do. There's a huge market for a $50,000 rolling 9.6 kW generator commercial work truck …
If they drop the price significantly to make up for the loss in energy density then I’m all for it. Completely agree they have a great place in the commercial work truck. Unfortunately what we will likely see is the same price with crappier batteries.
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