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Electrify Americas still free, not on Ford Nav.

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EA frequently provides free charging on holiday weekends and did so over Labor Day. After that, they started network service and has been free since then.

Important note: While this is happening, the Ford navigation isn’t seeing them as Love and they aren’t showing up on your chargers searches. You’ll need to use PlugShare or similar apps to navigate to them to get your free juice.
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Is this valid for any EA location? Or just specific ones? The free charging I mean?
All of the ones I’ve seen were free…
Second important note: turn off your Plug & Charge until the free EA is over. After my charging session today, Ford deducted 26 free kWh from my Lightning's 250kWh initial allocation. :mad:
What!! Contact Ford. That has to be an error. I’ve had free EA charges and they haven’t been deducted.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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