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In order by state:

Indio, CA site 100051
Novato, CA site 100009
Riverside, CA site 100629
Salinas, CA site 100625
Santa Clarita, CA site 100035
Turlock, CA site 100047
New Castle, DE site 100276
Fort Lauderdale, FL site 100260
Naples, FL site 100246
Tampa, FL site 100244
Albany, OR site 100060
Carlisle, PA site 100601
Bellmead, TX site 100164


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HA Carlisle. Definitely needs it, along with Bedford.

Did a trip and Bedford was the main stopping point, for anyone traveling in any direction, and we sat in a line to charge. Took longer to get through the line than it did to charge. 3/4 working. Not fun with a 1 year old. That location needs major upgrade mainly to how it is set up (like a lot of them). The drive home we just skipped that location and I made it to Hagerstown with out issue. (actually was fun beating the estimated %. I could have made it home without the charge.)
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