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Electrical System Drain

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I received my '22 Ford Lightning on 10/7/22. By that evening, I was receiving an error on the dash and via the Ford Pass App: "There is an electrical drain in '22 Lightning, pssibly caused by after-market device(s). If that's not the case, please schedule service soon." I only had the truck for 1/2 a day so no after market anything has been added.

I took the truck in and after 5 days of diagnostic work, they decided the "Gateway Module" was defective and needed to be replaced. Ford engineers were consulted during the process. The part is currently unavailable anywhere and on backorder with no anticipated delivery date.

I had them reassemble my brand new truck and said I would live the 2kWH drain per day until I could get a new module as they gave me no other options. However, during the process of working on the truck, the Frunk latch was damaged and now needs replacement. That new part appears to be available and should be in this week.

No one seems overly troubled by this turn of events and the priority of getting my truck fixed is uncertain at this point. I've owned the truck for 11 days with 7 of them in the shop and 2 of them with a Frunk alarm dinging anytime the truck moves.
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I have had the alert 3x but tested the 12v and voltage is fine and no drain issues as the HVB is charging the 12v.

That being said, I unplugged a USB drive I use for music and no more warnings. I don't think this is the issue, however, as I've had the USB plugged in since June but just got the warnings this week (over 12k miles on the truck).

Still, a lot of little electronics issues or phantom stuff is possible. The Air Dam Fault warning is a prime example.
Same here but I suspect this is tied to the recent FordPass update that fixed the FordPass crash issue. It seems all the Electrical Drain messages started after the last update.

I've had the message in the past with no issues actually being found. Seems like a lot of the FordPass and Sync 4 updates are causing some confusion with the Body Control module.
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