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Electrical System Drain

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I received my '22 Ford Lightning on 10/7/22. By that evening, I was receiving an error on the dash and via the Ford Pass App: "There is an electrical drain in '22 Lightning, pssibly caused by after-market device(s). If that's not the case, please schedule service soon." I only had the truck for 1/2 a day so no after market anything has been added.

I took the truck in and after 5 days of diagnostic work, they decided the "Gateway Module" was defective and needed to be replaced. Ford engineers were consulted during the process. The part is currently unavailable anywhere and on backorder with no anticipated delivery date.

I had them reassemble my brand new truck and said I would live the 2kWH drain per day until I could get a new module as they gave me no other options. However, during the process of working on the truck, the Frunk latch was damaged and now needs replacement. That new part appears to be available and should be in this week.

No one seems overly troubled by this turn of events and the priority of getting my truck fixed is uncertain at this point. I've owned the truck for 11 days with 7 of them in the shop and 2 of them with a Frunk alarm dinging anytime the truck moves.
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Sorry to hear about your issues. Been there, done that with my Mustang Mach E. However, it sounds like the dealer should be getting the frunk issue resolved soon and you should be able to drive your truck until they can replace your gateway module.

Welcome to the trials and tribulations of the bleeding edge of a new product line.
Good advice - Patience is probably the best path forward at this point - Just not my strong suit. :)
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A little update on the post that started this thread. The Ford Dealer confirmed a 9amp draw with the truck shut down and traced it back to the Gateway Module. This module controls power to different systems on the truck and was failing to shut them down when the vehicle was turned off. They ordered a new module which was backordered. There were no issues using the truck, only a slight range bleed off every night. The module has not yet arrived.

A few weeks after the diagnosis, the problem stopped. Or at least the truck stopped sending me warnings about a power drain! The loss of power also stopped. So maybe a software update fixed the issue. I am talking with the dealer and will decide whether or not to replace the module when it arrives.

I would say that I'm fortunate to have a local dealer (The Ford Store / Morgan Hill, CA) that is investing in electric vehicles. Having trained EV technicians and a relationship with Ford engineers is a benefit. As this is a new model truck, we are going to have to deal with fleshing out issues. But overall its been a great truck so far and I'm enjoying it.
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