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2022 Lariat ER in metallic smoked quartz
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I know this has been addressed here before, but not sure if anyone has run into this exact scenario. I have the FCSP installed (out of box settings on the 80 amp circuit). I also have my settings so the truck is delay charged in the overnight hours (12a - whenever). Anyway, for the second time now (in about a month), I plugged in my truck, the charger does its thing, the lights on the charging port light up for a few minutes in blue, then shut down, as normal when delay charging. I went back to the garage to grab a beer a few hours later, and I see the light on the charge station go on then off and hear an audible click, almost like the FCSP is restarting...does this 4 or 5 times, probably was doing most of evening...lights on the charging port are lighting up in blue to show where current charge is (no fault colors, nothing). It keeps doing this, and then i get the message on my phone that there is an electrical drain in the system and to bring in for service.

I have no aftermarket items installed, nothing. Will bring in for service, but the whole sequence doesn't make sense. I only get the message when ON the charger, but waiting to charge.
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