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Early adopter woes: No charge last night.

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Being as we are the first to try these vehicles out.... it's naive to assume we won't have issues I guess.

Plugged it into my Grizzle Duo charger last night, battery was at 42%. This morning, the battery is at 41%. (it went backwards?!?)

The grizzle Duo can charge two cars at once, and my other vehicle charged successfully, so I'm thinking the charger is not at fault.

Anybody else have such an issue?
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Just so everyone knows, the Mustang Mach E frequently "forgets" its charging limits and other charging information for the session following an update. Usually it remembers again the next day but sometimes the GPS information of a saved charging location has been lost. Ford has been working on fixing that, so hopefully the 3.x series will be the last time we see that problem.
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Maybe there's a way to filter by charge speed and availability, but it wasn't obvious as I was driving.
Yes, there is. When you do a search on chargers it defaults to “All Chargers”
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You can pick the charging speed you want by choosing faster or slower lightning bolts
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That said, I think setting a minimum would be more helpful than setting a maximum. At least the fastest is listed as 100+ kW.
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