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Early adopter woes: No charge last night.

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Being as we are the first to try these vehicles out.... it's naive to assume we won't have issues I guess.

Plugged it into my Grizzle Duo charger last night, battery was at 42%. This morning, the battery is at 41%. (it went backwards?!?)

The grizzle Duo can charge two cars at once, and my other vehicle charged successfully, so I'm thinking the charger is not at fault.

Anybody else have such an issue?
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Yeah. I have my charge schedule on the truck set to stop at 7am. Went out at 6:50 and un-plugged, then plugged it back in. It charged successfully for 10 minutes. :p The good old "Linksys router" trick.

Luckily I still had about 80 miles on it. Enough to go get coffee and take my dog out to where we do our morning walk, and plenty to spare. I might try to take a long lunch break and hit up a fast charger and see how long it takes to put 100 miles on it.
I took my Lariat SR from Concord, NH to Foxborough, MA yesterday to watch the Patriots play a preseason game. I left home with just under 90%. On the way back, I made my first stop at a fast charger (the Electrify America in Salem, NH) and the truck went from 22% to 65% in 21 minutes. I'm impressed by how quickly it charged!

One detail I left out — on the way home, I used the truck's map to find an EV charging station nearby. There was one .7 miles away, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Pulled in and it was a ChargePoint Level 2. 🤨

Maybe there's a way to filter by charge speed and availability, but it wasn't obvious as I was driving.
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That's really good to know. It was right in front of me, but I didn't think to tap those icons while I was driving. I should have explored it while I was parked. Thanks for pointing that out!
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