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Early adopter woes: No charge last night.

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Being as we are the first to try these vehicles out.... it's naive to assume we won't have issues I guess.

Plugged it into my Grizzle Duo charger last night, battery was at 42%. This morning, the battery is at 41%. (it went backwards?!?)

The grizzle Duo can charge two cars at once, and my other vehicle charged successfully, so I'm thinking the charger is not at fault.

Anybody else have such an issue?
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Yeah. I have my charge schedule on the truck set to stop at 7am. Went out at 6:50 and un-plugged, then plugged it back in. It charged successfully for 10 minutes. :p The good old "Linksys router" trick.

Luckily I still had about 80 miles on it. Enough to go get coffee and take my dog out to where we do our morning walk, and plenty to spare. I might try to take a long lunch break and hit up a fast charger and see how long it takes to put 100 miles on it.
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Happened again last night. woke up, and it never charged.

For today, I've got a few hours before I need to drive, so It's currently charging (zing!)

Made a change the the charge schedule, and It's going to attempt to charge itself 1 hour before the other car does. Let's see if that makes a difference. I'm on a road trip today, returning tomorrow. So we shall see.
The issue of not charging seems to be resolved. It charges successfully now. Given it's proximity to the 3.4 update, that's what i'm attributing the root cause to.
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