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Early adopter woes: No charge last night.

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Being as we are the first to try these vehicles out.... it's naive to assume we won't have issues I guess.

Plugged it into my Grizzle Duo charger last night, battery was at 42%. This morning, the battery is at 41%. (it went backwards?!?)

The grizzle Duo can charge two cars at once, and my other vehicle charged successfully, so I'm thinking the charger is not at fault.

Anybody else have such an issue?
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My wife's KIA Sorento PHEV does something similar the other overnight: I have it set to charge from 11pm. It had done that successfully for several nights since we started that routine. During a rainstorm and loss of satellite TV the other night, I played around with the KIA App. I attempted to start the charging right then from the APP, at about 8pm, just to see if it would work. It never was able to connect to the car, due to "possible issues with low cellular service, please try again later".... o.k., no worries, it's not a big deal.
Well, turns out it WAS a big deal. Apparently what I had done, playing with the APP, was to 'disconnect' the planned 11pm charge schedule, accidentally. The next morning, you guessed it, the car had 0 battery level, just as it was left the night before. : / I won't mess with the 'APP' anymore, as useless as it really is.

I'll bet that your truck went into it's Charge SCHEDULE mode, attempted to see power, saw no power from the EVSE if it happened to be still charging the other car, and simply skipped the charging session.
Or, the EVSE may only provide dual power at the same START time for both...who knows.
Or, the charging draw to the Lightning required more amperage than the EVSE could provide to both vehicles, at the same time, so it defaulted to the other, which may have been charging first, etc.
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