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EA plus use conflict with Blue Oval

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Here is my dilema. I have exhausted my 250kWh of complementary, I have signed up with BlueOval and joined the plus program for EA.

How do I force my EA membership pricing to take effect? I have tried various scenarios to invoke the membership pricing but the blue oval plug and connect seems to be taking precedence.

Having said this I have yet to have charges catch up to me, I simply fear when they do I will discover I am paying highest price for charging.

Anybody have insight or advice? Thanks.
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Either shut off plug and charge or initiate charging with the EA app first and then connect.
If you don’t want to P&C just turn it off in the Ford Pass app. That will keep it from accidentally connecting using P&C. Then always activate using the EA app.
I wish there was transparency in the BlueOval app, I can’t tell if it takes into account plans like EVgo or EA has and there is no feedback on cost while charging.
Easy: It doesn’t take outside plan membership or discounts into account.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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