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EA plus use conflict with Blue Oval

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Here is my dilema. I have exhausted my 250kWh of complementary, I have signed up with BlueOval and joined the plus program for EA.

How do I force my EA membership pricing to take effect? I have tried various scenarios to invoke the membership pricing but the blue oval plug and connect seems to be taking precedence.

Having said this I have yet to have charges catch up to me, I simply fear when they do I will discover I am paying highest price for charging.

Anybody have insight or advice? Thanks.
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on a side note, I have found that using the Ford Pass app to 'Activate' chargers, like CHARGEPOINT, might be a better option versus using the native apps and having to have 'accounts' ... since FORD charges you thru their own system, you don't have to have an account with the others, and therefore aren't required to maintain an account 'balance', and have them 'reload' $10 or more almost every time you charge. You just get charged via your credit card, by Ford, for the exact amount.
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