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EA membership and Blue Oval Charging Network

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Are we not able to input Electrify America member info to get the member discount when using EA stations if signed up for the Blue Oval Charging Network?

I’ve avoided signing up so far because I can’t find an answer. I don’t really care about plug and forget and would rather get the cheaper price but I also want to use up my 250kW

Side note: did anyone else notice free charging today? I stopped in Indiana and Ohio while traveling and it was complimentary at both stations.
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If you have your Ford account all set up and plug in to charge you can use your free charging and pay the higher rates after the free is used up, it should all just work by plugging in, no other interaction.

If you are having to pay for it and want the cheaper rates you need to sign up for an account and activate the charger before plugging it in to your truck.
Thanks GDN. I understand how blue oval charge is meant to work but every EA station I've been to says to plug in first then initiate the charging. So I'm wondering if anyone has had success activating the charger before plugging in. It seems that plug in and then initiate via app or nfc membership card is negated if plugging in will trigger blue oval charge network payment processing. I want to be able to use blue oval sometimes but take advantage of EA member discounts in the long run.
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