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Drop In Bed Liner Recommendations?

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I am looking for recommendations for a drop in bed liner (not the bed rug). I do not want anything that needs attachment - I want to be able to remove it sometimes.

I see Ford accessories has a Ford one and a Penda one. The cutout looks a little different than the Lightning bed but that could just be the photo. Anyone ordered one?

Thanks in advance!
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I went with the WeatherTech bed tray, Ford was out of stock. All my previous trucks were used as work trucks and the boxes were beat up pretty good. I never had a total bed liner, drop in or spray on, and I never felt the side walls of the truck needed protection. A bed mat is all I have ever used and that seems to work for me. I won't be dumping bucket loads of sand or dirt in the bed of this truck anyway but the tray keeps things from sliding around.
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