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Drop-in Bed Liner for Pro?

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Looking at getting the Pro trim level. Notice that the Ford configurator doesn't offer the Drop-In Liner for the Pro. Wondering if anybody knows why? I would assume there is not a technical reason it won't fit. Hoping I could still obtain the factory liner and not have to get an aftermarket.
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Dealer says they should be able to get the factory drop-in bed liner, no problem. Or add a spray-in liner even after delivery. Now I need to decide which one.
If you are considering a spray-in, you should really look to some of the major companies like Line-X. That would be done after delivery. There are threads about bed liners with lots of good discussion.
I purchased a WeatherTech bed liner for my Lightning Lariat EB and have been very pleased so far. I also purchased WeatherTech floor mats at the same time. See the following:
I have the WeatherTech bed liner as well. It's a little thinner than I hoped. Also, for some reason dried blood seems to bond with the surface and doesn't wash out easily. In general it has been quite good, though.
PS -- If you're gonna haul dead bodies in the back of your truck, you may need to wrap them up a little better. Leaving physical evidence can get you in trouble. Also, does hauling dead bodies affect your "mileage?" :p :p :p
So far no appreciable mileage hit. I just have to make sure I'm not carrying more than fit within the bed for aero reasons*. ;)

*My bloody, dead bodies have four hooves and occasionally antlers.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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