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Drop-in Bed Liner for Pro?

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Looking at getting the Pro trim level. Notice that the Ford configurator doesn't offer the Drop-In Liner for the Pro. Wondering if anybody knows why? I would assume there is not a technical reason it won't fit. Hoping I could still obtain the factory liner and not have to get an aftermarket.
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Dealer says they should be able to get the factory drop-in bed liner, no problem. Or add a spray-in liner even after delivery. Now I need to decide which one.
I purchased a WeatherTech bed liner for my Lightning Lariat EB and have been very pleased so far. I also purchased WeatherTech floor mats at the same time. See the following:
Not sure I would like the Weather Tech since it doesn't come up the sides. One of the things I haul in my truck is yard waste leaves and clippings and lakeshore cleanup with wet weeds and lots of sand. Getting it all cleaned back out of the truck without having stuff get down between the side of the bed and the liner would be my concern.

I am would also be concerned about the durability and "shovel-ability" of a more flexible mat like the Weather Tech. Seems like a shovel edge would dig into the softer mat and pull it up or dislodge it. Especially in the corners and along the edges.

A hard plastic drop-in liner still seems like the best option for me.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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