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Door handles, locks, and thieves

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My F350 has been stolen twice in the past three months. As many are aware, Ford hasn't done much to keep people out of their pickup trucks. A screwdriver and 30 seconds grants you easy access without the drama of smashing a window. In addition to the two incidents of GTA, the truck has been rifled through probably a dozen times.

Does anyone have any insights about the Lightning's door locks? Has Ford finally improved them after 20 years of asking?
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I was hoping with the Lightning they would eliminate the key lock (like the EV leader has done). I believe however many pickups are used differently than the traditional family sedan, so they were afraid to alienate too many people/drivers. With the economy and number of thefts however, they must start to do something.

Likely every truck they've made in the last few years and especially with the Lightning it would be super simple to enable a PIN on the Sync screen that is required before starting/driving. It could be optional as maybe not all like it or want it, but it's too simple to not do it. A thief might get in, but they aren't going to drive it without your PIN to drive.

As for the true question my gut tells me the true door locks on this truck will be identical to what is on current models. More can be done, but it doesn't truly benefit Ford, so don't hold your breath.
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