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Don’t hate me…

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Picked up this beauty today, a Lariat. I was number 17 on my dealer’s list, and they were only delivered one unit this year until this one came in, but they called 2 other people before me and it.

I actually had a contract to buy the Platinum mannequin from another dealer, at 20K OVER MSRP, though they couldn’t sell it until Jan. 1.
My dealer in Milwaukee (Heiser) never charges an ADM, gotta love ‘em.

While it only has the standard battery, I think it’ll do fine for in-city driving, of which I do a lot.
So far, so good. Love the smooth ride and acceleration.
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Nice. Which color is that one? I have the smoked quartz and thought it was gonna be blue but all I see is grey when I look at it.
I traded in a 2018 F-150 Limited for the Lightning. I had put 92,000 mi on it in 3 yrs, so it was time for something new. My first EV and loving it so far. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the duration it takes to charge - looks like it’ll take 12 hours at a local ChargePoint station to go from 50 mi. to 100%. Yikes!
Is that a level 2 charge? That sounds kind of long for the SR battery. and once you approach 80% the rate of charge really slows down. I charge at home primarily and on a 50 amp circuit will usually gain about 75% in 8 hours on ER battery.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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