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Do the brake lights come on in One Pedal Drive?

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Does anyone have any idea when the brake lights come on when you are using one pedal driving.
I’ve been trying to get someone to follow be so I can find out, but so far no luck.
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I will test later today but almost all EVs with one pedal will have the brake lights come on when you lift off the accelerator all the way. Our Ioniq 5 does as I tested that when following my wife a few weeks back. With its 4+ regen levels, the brake lights come on in Level 3 or higher but not in Level 1 or 2.

The one pedal in the Lightning is stronger/quicker regen than the Hyundai but still smooth. I'd say that overall Hyundai's I-Pedal is better tuned. I do use it on the Lightning when driving in true city conditions but not in the outer burbs where I live.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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