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Do dealers take credit cards for orders? FordPass Rewards Visa a deal? Costco?

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m I wrong to assume using a credit card with a high enough limit would work for some portion of purchasing a vehicle? Do dealers add 3% to cover credit card fees? Another: any Costco discounts?
I see that FordPass terms show
"c. Supported Payment Methods
Most US-issued credit and debit cards with a Network brand can be used with the Payment features, though certain card types may not be used."

And how about the the FordPass Rewards Visa percent backs in reward points...what real value are the points if not doing a lot of accessory or service purchases?

"Earn 11,000 Points¹ after your first purchase — enough for The Works® Service Package.2 Turn today's service visits into tomorrow's savings with the FordPass Rewards Visa Card.​
How do I use my FordPass Rewards to purchase accessories?
says points are worth $0.005 each, so 42,000 points for vehicle purchase = $210

Introductory Financing 0% Intro APR3 on Ford Dealership Purchases over $499 for 6 billing cycles. After that, you'll have a variable APR of 15.99%–26.99% based on the Prime Rate and depending on how you meet our credit criteria.​

No Annual Fee3 Enjoy all the benefits without ever having to pay an annual fee.​

$300 in Statement Credits Earn a $100 Statement Credit1 for spending $3,000 in the first three billing cycles after your account is opened, plus a $200 Statement Credit1 every year when you spend at least $6,000 within 12 consecutive billing cycles.​
5% Back in Points1 on Ford Dealership Purchases​
3% Back in Points1 on gas, auto insurance, parking and dining​
1% Back in Points1 on all other purchases"​

Looks like one might get 10 points for each $1 spent? I am at:
"Bronze TIER 1,047 Total Points
Tier Offer:
Take $10 Off Your First Task with TaskRabbit
Get help anytime for tasks like errands, cleaning, yard work and more."
Something about Milestones as well, giving more points.
"Members will earn Points when they purchase a Ford, Motorcraft® or OmnicraftTM part and any associated labor from a participating Ford dealer. Members will earn 10 Points per $1 spent. Non-Ford parts or services will not earn Points. "

"FordPass Rewards provides 42,000 Points with the purchase or lease of a new vehicle and the activation of FordPass Connect (75,000 Points for diesel). To receive this offer on a new vehicle, a customer must:
  1. Purchase or lease a new retail Ford vehicle from a participating dealer
  2. Activate and maintain FordPass Connect modem*
  3. Join FordPass Rewards within 60 days of purchase
    Customers who purchase or lease a new Ford battery electric vehicle will receive 250 kWh of complimentary charging for use at Electrify America fast-charging stations and 22,000 Points if they join within 60 days of vehicle purchase and activate the FordPass Charging Network access.**"
I wonder if you get both 42,000 points and 250kWh of charging?

"If you choose to use your Points for maintenance, you can expect to cover the following visits and services:
  • 7,500-mile service: Oil & filter change, tire rotation, and multi-point inspection
    • You can use 11,000 Points for gas and 20,000 Points for diesel"
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Most dealers will limit the amount of the purchase on credit card to $2,000-5,000. I think I was able to put about $3,500 of my Mustang Mach E purchase on my Ford Pass Visa.
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