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Direct offer/rebates?

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I was one of the fortunate few who put my order in a very long time ago, was guaranteed production & delivery for 2022 model, and then the delays hit. I was very glad to hear that Ford was going to give me a 2023 model and honor the 2022 price. The problem is I still have not heard anything about Direct offer/rebates to offset pricing increase. I’m supposed to take ownership of the truck sometime next week and have not gotten anything official from Ford and my dealer said I need a letter from Ford with the “certificate numbers”? Does anybody know more about this process?
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The private offer is attached to the VIN and your name. When they pull up Smart Vincent it’ll be there. At first I was freaking out because the sales rep had no idea what I was talking about. I think I was their first 2022 to 2023 private offer customer. Asked me if I had an email about it and nope I didn’t (I only had a vague screenshot and info from online forums). I called Ford from the dealer and they assured me I had it. Then gave me a certificate number which the sales rep was able to pull up. But I think if I was patience enough to wait till the finance guy it would have eventually showed up.
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