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Delivery Times from Ford

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My Lighting was built on May 26th however i cant see the delivery date and my dealer said it looks like it wont land into western Canada till early August. Why is Ford holding these vehicles so long? a tiny bit concerned!
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My built date was 5/30. When i spoke to ford they same something regarding an issues with batteries and needed to check trucks that were made. I was then told its loaded and waiting for a driver. Delivery date between 7/3-7/9. Still dont have hope for that. Im also waiting for my bronco to be shipped as well.
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It's absolutely ridiculous how the delivery information is such an mystery. My vehicle's construction began on May 16th and was acknowledged for the week of 5/30. The last date any information is available was June 16th. Nobody can tell you anything other than after its "built" it could be four weeks in transit.
It is crazy for sure. Im still in awaiting shipment.
My party balloons just deflated!!! Saw my truck was being built for a week now, sounding like I got another 7 months to go!
What the hell is that about?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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