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Almost perfect. No heated steering wheel.
I'll throw in $50 for a nice pair of driving gloves. :D :D :D
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Lowered price $2k to $85,500 OBO.
Price down to $84,000 OBO. Got two trucks and only need one. Not trying to make money here. I'm losing thousands after taxes, bed cover, tint, etc.
I wonder if this is the economy, or other factors. You might try Cars and Bids, although this should have sold.
Still waiting for Texas to send the title (I didn't finance, so should have it soon), so not pushing too hard yet. It'll sell as it really is such a nice, smooth, and quick truck. Wish I could justify having two trucks, but I am out of garage space with other toys, so this one has to go.
What did you buy? I have a Rivian and F150 ready for pickup. Choices.
Got a '23 TRX. I'm a supercharged V8 whore with a gas card from work, so I figured I'd have a last hurrah with the gas truck before going electric in 4-5 years. That said, I do absolutely love my Lightning and ironically, I think it's as quick or maybe even a touch quicker than the TRX while making no sound, no mess, no hassle. Ford did do a very impressive job on the Lightning.
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Truck is back on the market at $84,000 OBO after buyer backed out. 1,250 miles in as-new condition.
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