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Defective Charging Unit?

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So I received the charging unit and the home integration kit this week. I made plans with a trusted electrician to come and install since Sunrun doesn't service my area. After they were done I went to try and setup the station and was dismayed to discover that the charger isn't working properly. Even though I have great wifi signal in my garage the app is showing only one small bar and won't connect. When I try to enter the information manually in my app it spins and spins but never connects. When I try to skip the wifi part of installation it asks me to setup the home integration kit. I try to follow the steps on the app and in the truck screen when it shows the pin number and asks me to match it to the one in the app the app never shows anything nor does it ever connect to the station. After a while the charger stops broadcasting a wifi signal. When I called Sunrun to get help or find a resolution they told me that since they did not install it that it nullifies all warrantees and if there is something wrong with either unit I need to purchase a brand new system through them because they claim there was nothing wrong. They have no team to help you troubleshoot or to take you through steps in the app and I am at a loss as to what I can do here. I am disputing the charges for both the electrician and with Sunrun but I am scared that I spent all this money and I am now shit out of luck. I turn to you amazing pros here on this board to help me out and see if I am genuinely screwed or if there is some way I can get myself out of this mess. Thanks ya'll!
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Interesting that we have to start off with Network troubleshooting for cars these days, but...
Do you have any advanced settings set up for your WiFi router at home? Things like MAC address filtering will prevent the device from connecting up. Maybe use your phone to show which networks have the strongest signal - is the charger glumming on to the wrong network?
If you have some old network cables kicking around (OK, OK.. yes, I'm a "computer geek of old"... doesn't everyone have network cables handy?!), maybe try a hardwired connection to the unit?
Sorry, I've never seen one of these, just trying to start of a structured troubleshooting process...

Please keep us posted on any progress

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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