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Deep sand driving - anyone hit the beach yet?

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I’ve seen videos of the Lightning tackling hard pack, shallow mud, and low water (pretty sure it was shot at a Ford off road course)

Has anyone driven the Lightning on the beach yet? Wondering how it fares in the deep/soft sand.
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Watched a youtube video last week where they managed to "beach" a Rivian in the sand, a quad motor 800 HP truck with air suspension with FAR greater range of suspension heights.

Soft sand is a killer without wide tires with aggressive tread, neither of which describes the tires that ship with the F150.
I have sand toys, and all my 40 ft toyhauler out onto the sand when camping. Doing things like this definitely is an art. 😎

The lightning will perform just as well, and maybe a little better than most other trucks on the sand: with equal tires. I am disappointed that I can't get an ER without the utterly stupid 20" wheels. For off-roading, it is key that you air down your tires and get good sidewall flex (I run 8lbs in the sand). First order of business when the lightning gets here is to get a good set of 17" wheels, and give away the ridiculous 20s that come on it.
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