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Dealership Sold

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Just received an email from Ford that the dealer I placed my order with has been sold and that my deposit is being returned. Also states my order is still good but I need to contact the new dealer to complete the order. Will see tomorrow if this impacts my build date of 7/11...hope not.
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Prolly using Z plan here... I just found out this week that they even still took the plans... I have X plan through work but my step Dad has Z plan which is better.. I still gotta ask him though... He mentioned it before but I still should properly ask. I wasn't going to worry about all that but my wife swapped out her 2008 for a 2022 2 weeks ago and the dealer screwed her for an additional 10k (not Ford... and not a Michigan dealer) and I figured even if the savings isn't gigantic on the pricing under MSRP I need to protect myself against last second markups on my paperwork by dealer gouging.

Also.. I didn't just decide this although I am new to the forums I was in the pre reservations I am just now getting serious because I also reserved 2 Cybertrucks and wasn't sure which way I was going to go but it's looking like Ford will beat them to my door and I have some reservations on the Tesla Design... and no I don't mean it's ugly... I mean I see flaws I don't like for instance with an unpaintable single piece exoskeleton.. you get into an accident.. you can't replace a panel... you can't weld in a new piece... and you can't bondo it and paint over it... so what do ya do? I like the fact they have the most experience in EVs but they cause me concern with that super unique build... I have more issues I see but not going to drone on.
Wait, I read there was no “plan” pricing for Lighting. I have plan through stock holdings. Are you saying I CAN use this?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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